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TURN *0.03ETH only 5 $ into 159ETH in 1665 days

The fastest, easiest and most risk-free way to earn 1500 eth every 100 days

Absolutely no risk
The open source smart contract is uploaded to the Ethereum blockchain. Cryptocurrency - international and decentralized

Available to everyone
Entrance fee - 0.03 ETH (about $ 5)
Long term
A smart contract will exist as long as the Ethereum blockchain exists, and even the creators of the smart contract will not be able to delete or change its terms
Instant payouts,cheating excluded
Money is not stored in the system. All transactions are 100% from wallets to participants' wallets. Wallets are anonymous
Simple and fastmarketing
Binary matrix 5 lines - 62 partners in a team are enough to go through two cycles and earn 1500 ETH
24/7 tech support
Active members will help you take simple steps to start earning regularly.
The system cannot behacked
It is not possible to change the algorithm or delete the members' rooms. The system is able to work without a site. The site is needed only for convenient display of statistics
Passive income every100 days
With a ready-made team, you can repeat earnings every 100 days, by simply pressing the “repeat” button, earn
$ 300,000 every three months
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Smart contract issimple
It is easy to understand even for those who have not encountered such projects.
Easy start
step by step training
cool promotional materials
sales funnels
chat bots
VIP training courses
Everyone can have an honest income in an open and transparent system,
keeping pace with advanced technology


This is the best that mankind could come up with in recent years.
The most secure, decentralized money machine is now available to everyone!

No more minuses of binary marketing: long sponsorship legs and mandatory qualifications. Everything is much simpler, clearer, more profitable.


What is Million.Money?

MILLION.MONEY can be divided into 2 concepts:
The first is a smart contract or application running on the Ethereum cryptocurrency network. The application code is programmed to distribute incoming transfers among participants according to a specific algorithm.
The second is the site itself, which provides an interface for the convenience of working with a smart contract.

Who is the project administrator?

The Million.Money project has no administrator. There is a creator who uploaded the contract code to the Ethereum cryptocurrency blockchain. Since then, the smart contract has been part of the overall network, which is supported by miners.
No one has the right to affect the operation of a smart contract, delete it or stop it. Any attempt to make unauthorized changes will be rejected due to inconsistency with previous copies in the block chain.

Can a transaction remain on the balance of asmart contract?

Ruled out. The contract was programmed so as not to accumulate funds, but to serve only as a transmitter. The balance of the contract is always zero, anyone can verify this. It simply lacks the function of taking funds to your balance. Any transaction will reach the desired goal safe and sound.

What currency does the project work with?

Since the smart contract is published in the Ethereum software environment, accordingly, participation in the project is possible only with this digital currency.

What is needed to participate in the project?

It is enough to have a computer or smartphone with an installed Ethereum wallet.
We also recommend installing Telegram messenger for the convenience of communicating with other participants and receiving important and interesting information from our official chat.

And if the project collapses, will I losemoney?

Ruled out. The smart contract is absolutely transparent, all data is recorded in the blockchain chain. No scam or fraud. The project cannot fail. It will work as long as the blockchain exists, even if the site is closed.

How can I be sure that my wallet will not beblocked?

In the cryptocurrency industry, there is no such thing as wallet blocking. This is excluded and technically unrealizable even by the creator of the cryptocurrency (this is a feature of the technology). The ETH wallet you created belongs only to you.

How to register in the project?

The fact of registration in the project is the fact of payment of the first level. To do this, go from the main page of the site to the "Registration" section and follow the further instructions. After successful payment, you take a place in the structure and are considered a full member.

Which wallet is better to use?

There are many suitable wallets. The most important thing is not to use exchange wallets!
We recommend using 2 types of wallets, these are:
Metamask - if you are working from a personal computer. (Download from the official website: )
TrustWallet - If you are working with a smartphone. (Download for iPhone or Android )

Is it possible to earn passively here?

In addition to personal invitations, partners can appear in your structure in two ways: these are “Overflows” and “Free Partners”.
Therefore, it can be argued that the system has the possibility of passive earnings. But this does not guarantee you a quick decent income, which other successful participants who are active can boast of.

What are overflows?

Overflow is a process that occurs when a participant registers for an upline, in which the first level is filled by two participants. The next new member falls into the structure of this upline below, in the nearest free place.

Example: Your 1st line upline (your invitation to the System) invited 2 partners and continued to invite further. His 3rd partner "overflow" is attached to his personal partner - to the one who was first registered.
If you already have several participants in the structure filled with lines, then new registrations also go “lower” even lower and attach to your free partners, becoming your lower line partners as well.

Can I register if I came to the site withoutan affiliate link?

Yes, such members are called “free partners.” These are participants who came for any reason WITHOUT an affiliate link.
Free partners are distributed evenly across the System (from left to right), starting from those uplines that were previously registered.

How to replenish a wallet?

There are many exchangers. Reliable and verified exchangers can be found on the site bestchange If this is your first time making an exchange, follow these instructions:

1) Go to the bestchange website.
2) Select the appropriate payment system with which you want to make an exchange for the required Ethereum currency.
3) Choose the appropriate service with the best rate.
4) Go to the website of the selected exchanger and follow the simple instructions. The exchange is usually automatic and takes place very quickly.
5) Make sure that funds have been received in your Ethereum wallet.

When replenishing with bank cards, exchangers may request card verification for the first time. Typically, this is a photo card on the background of the exchange page. Subsequent replenishment is done instantly.
If you do not want to verify your card in the exchanger, you can first top up your QIWI or YandexMoney account from your bank card (via the interface of either of these two payment systems, and not through the exchanger), and then change it to Ethereum from such a payment system through the exchanger wallet without card verification.

What are levels?

Level is a status that gives the right to receive remuneration from a partner in its structure of the relevant lines.

1st level gives you the right to sell this 1st level to two personally invited partners.
2nd level gives you the right to sell this 2nd level to your four second-line partners.
5th level gives you the right to sell this 5th level 32 times to your partners in line 5.
The 6th level gives you the right to sell this level again to your two personally invited partners of the 1st line.
The 7th level gives you the right to sell it to the four partners of your second line.
The 10th level gives you the right to sell this 10th level to the same partners to whom you sold the 5th level. They are in your 5th line and there are still 32 of them.

If I have Level 2, can I buy Level 4 right away without having Level 3?

Levels are bought only sequentially and in order. If you try to buy a 4th level without a 3rd, then the smart contract will not process such a transfer. Money will not go anywhere and will remain with you.

What happens if my partner buys a levelbefore me?

The money will be redirected to your upline of the same line as your partner.
If you buy levels on time, this will not happen. If this happened, it’s not scary. If you find this in time, then after activating the level, continue to receive the remaining transfers for this level.

Why do I need to renew levels every 100 days?

Thanks to this rule, your profit will be repeated every 100 days, since after your extension the partners in your structure will do the same.
It is important that each of your partners who do not extend their level for any reason will not deprive you of profit, but, on the contrary, increase it. Transfers addressed to such a participant for an unpaid level will be redirected above in the structure, including to you.
For example, if your partner of the 4th line has not extended the 4th level, then all 16 transfers from his 4th line will be redirected to you (if you have this level active). Total, you will receive not 16, but 31 transfers for the 4th level.
And the more retired partners in your structure, the more times your income.

What will happen if you do not extend thelevel and it is deactivated?

Your account remains in the System forever, and at any time you can extend the levels and continue to receive income.

Where can I get more information about theproject?

You can ask questions directly to participants who have already gained experience and are ready to share their experience and success.

Also, a lot of useful and high-quality information can be found in the Telegram PR chat.

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 *Write 12 phrase*(Note)
 *Verify phrase sequence*
 *Click on etherium*
*Click on receive*
*Copy address*
*Send to your upline*
*After recieve 0.03 Eth*
 *click on DApp*
 *link (copy and search in DApp)* Search Box
*Register*( change language)
*Login atomatically*
*To register*

 *Now joining complete*
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